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Equipment for wheel alignment

Diagnostics and wheel aligners

If your car repair shop is to carry out vehicle diagnostics, you must equip it with basic equipment. Equipment for testing wheel alignment will certainly be useful. At Nortec Pro, we have produced two models of these machines. The first one takes 2D measurements. The second is a 3D geometry research device. Both versions communicate wirelessly, have software in Polish and an extensive database.

What else can be useful in a diagnostic workshop? Something to lift the vehicle. We offer electrohydraulic four-column lifts. They have platforms with recesses for turntables and expansion plates - one of them can even be adjusted - mechanical height lock, which is released pneumatically, we also galvanized the rigging. You do not know which model to choose? Please contact us, our specialists will provide you with any advice and assistance in choosing the most optimal solution for your workshop.

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